XXXXXXXX, a series of short and accessible programs and publications with a specific focus on Minneapolis’ 9th Ward, addressing the rules – both formal/legal and actual/conventional – that govern interaction between residents and police within the jurisdiction of the 3rd Precinct of the Minneapolis Police Department.

On a bi-weekly basis, attorneys from the XXXXXXXX working group will produce narrowly focused and accessible information in a variation on a ‘know your rights’ format. These themes, whether discussed in informal conversations or in semi-formal programs, will often be designed into free broadsheets to be distributed throughout the Ward. Even more information will be available online at the Beyond Repair website.

The objective of XXXXXXXX is to present information on individual rights with a neighborhood focus in such a way that it could be useful in itself as an educational tool, easily sharable, but also (or even primarily) so that it operates as an invitation to a dialogue about how the laws governing the ways that police are supposed to interact with citizens are broken, ignored, stretched, or manipulated.