Folks – Next Friday night at 6:30 I’ll be at CTUL leading a conversation about the power and promise of a city that supports, rather than drowns out, the narrative of a multi-subject urban experience.
How would MPLS be a different place to live were we discuss (and live!) our lives together as a vast, at times in and at times out of step, series of histories and experiences, realities and dreams? Rather than a narrative of “MPLS is this…” what is to be gained from, “MPLS is this, and this, and this, and this…”? A “Yes, and…” urbanism!
I’m so excited to walk up the street from home to one of the most vibrant spots in the neighborhood to discuss this with friends I have these types of conversations with often, like Jeremiah Bey Ellison, Jennifer Newsom Carruthers, & Sarah Jane Keaveny, and folks I am recently getting to know, like Tina Sigel, & Ginger Jentzen. – Sam

This is, of course, all part of the City as Commons Group, and Beyond Repair’s, gathering next week, What Can a City Be? Here more info on that…

“Imagining the Just City: Movements Across Difference”

We all know that the city is an amalgam of subjects, but how is that played out, and how can we begin to move past certain powerful subjects objectifying others in an attempt to create a “common narrative?” With a nod towards pioneering queer activist Harry Hay and his ideas on subject-subject consciousness, our conversation considers the benefits of a heterogeneous city and how municipalists can create the conditions for subjecthood to thrive and for multiple narratives to flourish simultaneously.
Panelists: Jeremiah Bey Ellison (City Councilperson – Ward 5), Jennifer Newsome (Dream the Combine), Ginger Jentzen (15 Now, Socialist Alternative), Tina Sigel (Restorative Justice Community Action), Sarah Jane Keaveny (RN/BSN, mother, nurse, poet, activist, enthusiast)