Everyone watch these statements from Philando Castile’s mother and sister. Every point, personal or societal, dead center at the heart of all that is unjust and murderous in this state and in this country.
And on top of that, see the effects of this state sanctioned death cult on family and friends. To the right of Mrs. Castile you’ll see John Thompson. Many people have gotten to know John over the last year, and many more have witnessed his actions and listened to his words online as he fights and testifies for his friend and former co-worker, Philando. John has gone far and wide to make sure that Philando was not murdered in vain, to see that something bold, honest, and humane could come out of such horrendous circumstances. With fierce eloquence, passionate vulnerability, respect, and resolve John has put himself on the front lines of this fight for humanness over our murderous natures. He, and so many others, deserve our support tonight. They deserve care, comfort, our most intense, rich resolve to move forward along side them towards a future that we know is possible if we try. This world we are living in is not enough. We are letting one another down. We are losing sight of our true reward; the strength and joy of life when we see, feel, carry ourselves, and respond to one another as fully human.
This does not end here, as it didn’t begin here. Each and every injustice witnessed should find us coming closer together, dissolving petty differences, and fighting in lockstep for what matters most, which is the right for each and everyone of us to live with dignity, respect, and support from the world around them. If we are not up for that fight than we do not deserve one another, and we should expect to get what we deserve in turn.