Friends of Beyond Repair – Print Subscription



While Beyond Repair is as much a “work shop” as it is a “shop,” we still need to pay the bills. With this in mind, at the suggestions of the fine folks at S. MPLS’s Uncivilized Books, we’ve created the Friends of Beyond Repair – Print Subscription.

Beyond Repair adhere’s to the Whole Earth Catalog’s mantra of “access to tools.” With the support of subscribers to the FBR – Print Subscription we can continue to provide that access to others, while also making available low-cost, easy access printing and know-how at the shop.

A FBR – Print Subscription provides access during open hours to all our current and future equipment:

  • Risograph Duplicator¬†(currently with 5 spot color drums)
  • High Speed Duplex Laser Printer
  • Hot Glue Perfect Binder
  • Booklet Maker (saddle-stitches up to 80pg booklets)
  • Paper Folder
  • Spiral Binder
  • Guillotine Stack Cutter (cuts up to 2.5″ of paper)

At $50 per month subscribers can make up to 750 impressions* on the Risograph and 25 books with the High Speed Duplex Laser Printer at 150pgs per book.

Paperback books, zines, posters, postcards, weird and inspiring publications of all sorts ready to be made ASAP with your recurring monthly subscription**.

Subscribe today!!


* Subscribers supply their own paper.

** If you have any questions about the service, please write or call at 612.224.6011