These folks came into the shop today and asked if we had “black lives matter” signs. Stupidly, I was a little confused. I asked, “like, in relation to?” No, they meant signs that read BLACK LIVES MATTER. I said that we didn’t with those words specifically but that I would be happy to make them some on the spot.

As I was laying out the signs they asked, “oh, and do you take cards?” To which I responded, “did you really think I’d charge you for these? This isn’t something that you buy.”
I asked for two things in return:
1.) That I’d print signs for them, but that I’d make extra that they’d give to others.

2.) That they’d pose for this picture so we could let others know that if you find yourself in a similar situation come over to Beyond Repair and we’ll design and print a poster for you right there and then.
We’ve got the tools and we’ll use them.