Last night we released this book, the first in the Society Editions series, in Chicago. Members of the Young Patriots and their families were there to celebrate the re-publishing of poetry works that they and their neighbors published in the chap book series Time of the Phoenix, now more than 40 yrs ago in the same neighborhood we held our party at. The Young Patriots, poor white southern migrants from the Uptown area of Chicago got radicalized in the mid-60s going on to, as Kwame Ture urged, “organize their own.” The group went on to found the original Rainbow Coalition with the Young Lords, and Fred Hampton and the Chicago BPP chapter. Their work, along with its insistence that street politics can and must exist in parallel with the creative act is a huge touchstone for Beyond Repair. What a gift and honor to work with founding Young Patriot Hy Thurman to help illustrate this bridge between time, place, and people. And a huge thanks to our old friend and compatriot, Daniel Tucker for inviting us into the fold of this conversation.