Not a non-profit, not started through the largess of some grant, Beyond Repair looks – and attempts to make transparent – the varying economies which can support a critical socially engaged art project within the marketplace.

One way we’ve been keeping the doors open is by doing print service work for people. For instance, a karaoke DJ came in not long ago and asked us to print his “karaoke bible” for him – done! We’ve printed wedding invitations for one the bartenders over at Eastlake Brewery next door to us, bound chap books for local artists, and are currently working on printing a book for a local children’s reading specialist organization.

If you have a small print project that you are looking to do, think about Beyond Repair doing the job for you. Not only are we fairly priced for artists, activists, and everyone else, your dollars go towards keeping a complicated, weird, political art project in plain sight.